Why Using Emojis are Beneficial


Humans are full of emotions whether it be sad, happy, sleepy or tired. Usually when you are happy, you would smile and when you are sad you would frown or pout your lips. Because people can’t always express how they feel in writings, or in text messages, the emojis were created. You probably already know what emojis are or you probably heard it from your children or friends. Emojis or emoticons are symbols such as colons and parenthesis used to show emotion in your text. This is a good way to show how you are feeling in your text.

A lot of people now are using these emojis today. You probably think they just do it for fun and amusement but there is actually more to emojis. Emojis have many benefits to people who actually use them, whether they use them in writings, posts, or text messages. We will look at some of these benefits.

The first benefit of typing emoji is that you can actually become more popular when you use these emojis on social media. Plain text on social media is a bit too dry and boring but when you use these cute, and very friendly emojis, chances are more people would take an interest in what you are saying.

The funny thing about these emojis is that you really imagine them to be a human face. Studies have been done and it is true that when you use a smiley emoji, the person who sees the emoji will react just like he/she would when they see a real human face smiling at them. Emoticons have now become a new language that we use to express our inner thoughts and emotions.

One thing I have discovered about using emojis for computer is that you can actually soften a harsh comment by either putting a simley face or a smiley sticking its tongue out as if to say it is only playful banter and to not take it too personally.  For more details about emoji, check out https://www.britannica.com/story/whats-the-difference-between-emoji-and-emoticons.

The last benefit is…they are fun! They make things look cuter, friendlier and more lively. People who use emojis can really get other people to react more to what they are saying or telling them. Conversations can be more fun with these emojis as it makes the atmosphere more fun.

If you have never used emojis in your writing conversations, text messages and the like, you should try it now and experience all the benefits these cute, emojis can give.


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